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Hi! I'm Audrey. I'm the author of the picture books The Day My Best Friend and a Migraine Slept Over, Look at Me, Bear and Dragon Cat, and Do Over, as well as the memoir Map, which was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist. You can sign up below for picture book updates by email.

The Day My Best Friend and a Migraine Slept Over

When an eight-year-old girl notices a migraine headache coming on, will her plans for a very special day with her best friend be derailed?  A picture book for kids who get migraines, kids who care about others who do, and kids lucky enough to be oblivious.  

written by Audrey Beth Stein and illustrated by Ana Solarte
publication date: October 11, 2022
hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and EPUB editions
distribution: Ingram (hardcover ISBN 979-8-9854265-1-9 / paperback ISBN 979-8-9854265-2-6)
EPUB distribution: Draft2Digital (to OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, bibliotheca, BorrowBox, and retailers)
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Stein’s picture book captures the complicated feelings that can come along with chronic illness.

The unnamed narrator’s best friend, Allie, is joining the family for a Shabbat dinner, a sleepover, and a special visit…the day afterward. But what if a migraine ruins all their plans? After the narrator narrowly heads off a migraine after school with medication, Allie arrives at their house for an evening of fun. But another migraine shows up around bedtime, and Allie sleeps in the guest room to help keep the bedroom quiet for her noise- and light-sensitive friend…The story’s basic setup is something most kids have experienced: A friend is due for a sleepover, and the host is desperately hoping that nothing ruins their planned activities. The specific content will be helpful [for] those who have migraines, who will feel seen, and educational for those who are unfamiliar with them…A pleasant work provides a mirror for other migraine sufferers.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“THE DAY MY BEST FRIEND AND A MIGRAINE SLEPT OVER is a true to life depiction of the impact migraines have, not only on those who suffer from them, but their friends and family as well. This is an all too familiar story in emergency departments, clinic and hospital wards. Audrey Beth Stein thoroughly chronicles the course of a migraine attack. We are taken on a journey through the progression of symptoms, the disability associated with migraine, its unpredictable imposition on life culminating in the post-migraine aftermath while simultaneously highlighting its hereditary nature. A must read for any parent or child who knows someone suffering from this debilitating condition.

— Nicholas Tzikas MD MPH
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Neurology
Associate Program Director of Headache and Facial Pain Fellowship
Yale University

“This book does an excellent job of describing the symptoms of migraine and the associated disability that occurs. The author conveys how migraine interferes with daily activities and quality of life. The pictures convey clearly what the written word documents.

This book should be read by parents, teachers, friends and families of migraine sufferers.

Congratulations to the author for bringing this information to a greater audience.

— Marc Irwin Sharfman MD
Board Certified Neurologist
Headache Institute, Longwood Florida

“This cleverly written children’s book describes how a normal childhood day takes an unexpected turn for the worse when an uninvited guest interrupts a young girl's plans.
As someone who was plagued by migraine at the same age as the main character, I can relate to her pain and sadness when a migraine attack comes along.
This book is a great vehicle for children and adults alike to see how migraine can affect a child’s carefree life and it is done in a light-hearted way."

— Alicia Torborg
Executive Director
Association of Migraine Disorders

"[A] great introduction to migraine for children and also informative to adults. It neatly describes what it is like to have a migraine attack, both physically and mentally, and shows children that they are not alone in living with the condition."

— Rachel Baxter
Communications Officer
The Migraine Trust



“This was really sweet and so informative at the same time! I suffered migraines growing up and this book makes me feel seen!” — Monica C.

“[T]his book brought tears to my eyes.” — Lauren K.

“Important, brilliant and simply put. Excellent.” — John D.

“Overall, this book is both a fun story, and informative.” — Roberta R.

“This book was really helpful. I've had migraines since I was 14 and I wish I had a book like this to explain what was happening…The graphics of this book were adorable and the steps of experiencing a migraine were on point.” — Erin H.

“As a parent of an 8-year-old who experiences migraines I loved how relatable this book was, both in the chosen words and the pictures that go along with it. I could see this book being helpful for a child who has just started experiencing migraines or for the friends of a child that has migraines to help them know what to expect.” — Jessica S.

“I wish I had this growing up so friends could understand what it was like to have a migraine when they would come over. This was great!” — Raquel D.

“Migraine is difficult to explain and that difficulty is part of the pain. This book does a good job of showing what a migraine can feel like while keeping it simple and understandable for kids. It also models what adults can do for a child with migraine (or even other adults). The story shows how migraine can interrupt someone's life and cause them to miss out, but that it doesn't mean one has to miss everything. Listening to your body, knowing your reliefs, having a good support system, and being gentle with yourself are great skills/resources to have and this book shows all of them.” — Denise M., Librarian

“Where was this book 30 years ago? Had to call my mom and read it to her because it sounded like childhood. This book is incredibly accurate and very well illustrated. I highly recommend this for classrooms and parents of children with migraines. I think it will help children feel less alone and weird like I did.” —  Lisa B., Educator

“[S]o useful, so clear and so positive.” — John L.

“This is a wonderful book that every family should have. My young daughter suffers from migraine and she loves this book. She feels understood and wants to share it with all her friends so they can understand that kids can get headaches too.” — Joseph

“Where was this when I was 10?  A beautifully outlined description of the beginning warning signals, the coming signs, and finally the painful course.  Auras, numbness, vomiting, diarrhea simultaneously with an excruciating headache is hard to describe.  Likewise, it's hard to imagine.  Stein gently shows the angst of the child seeing the warning signs wanting desperately for them to go away.  She goes on to guide the reader and best friend through the course.  As one who suffered for nearly thirty years, I was so afraid to pick this up.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.  The tears I shed today are tears of relief, perhaps doctors now understand.  I believe every school nurse should have this.” —  Mary P.

“This quick, engaging read is a lighthearted way to discuss a chronic illness that feels widely misunderstood, despite its prevalence. It was a stroke of genius for Solarte’s illustrations to be from our narrator’s perspective, as that immediately elicits a strong empathetic response. Stein explained migraines in a way that is easy to understand, yet not overly simplified. I also appreciated the detail of pointing out that individual people experience migraines differently, and even then, not every migraine one person may have will hit them quite the same way.” — Lennox J.

“From the very first page Ana Solarte's lovely illustrations make it clear that a migraine is on its way. Spots and a rainbow haze in the bright sunshine is all this eight year old girl needs to know what's ahead of her. Calm and patient parents, an understanding bestie, and perseverance help this self-confident young person save the weekend! The combination of Ms. Stein's descriptions and Ms. Solarte's pictures help describe what the little girl is feeling, and as a migraine sufferer myself, I can relate. There's great information here for everyone.” — Caroline F

Look at Me

What do YOU like to wear? Nail polish? Fancy suits? Pigtails? Monday underwear? Possibilities are endless in this vibrantly illustrated picture book for all genders about self-expression and play.  

written by Audrey Beth Stein and illustrated by Kristina Neudakhina
published December 2021
hardcover, paperback (Amazon-only), Kindle, and EPUB editions
hardcover distribution: Ingram (ISBN 978-0-578-96531-4)
EPUB distribution: Draft2Digital (to OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, bibliotheca, BorrowBox, and retailers)
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Bear and Dragon Cat

Bear and Dragon Cat is a very silly story where the ending is up to you.
written and illustrated by Audrey Beth Stein
published July 2021
paperback and Kindle editions 
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Do Over

Another silly story where the ending is up to you.
written by Audrey Beth Stein and illustrated by kids and kids-at-heart
published November 2022
paperback and Kindle editions
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** Lambda Literary Award Finalist **
(not a picture book!) 
A coming-of-age memoir about a time when it was easier to admit that you were in love with another girl than that you'd met someone on the internet. 
written by Audrey Beth Stein
second edition published May 2022 in paperback
distribution: Ingram (ISBN 979-8-9854265-3-3)
first edition published October 2009 in paperback and hardcover
buy now: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Harvard Bookstore | IndieBound | Porter Square Books

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